Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mark Gets Shot At, Humps Andy -- Just Another Day at the Office

August 12, 2009

As previously theorized, Mark's coverless perch turned him from voyeur into voyee, and now his little curly-qued dome looks ripe for a splitting.

Said dome, however, stands little chance of being split, because the man behind the scope lacks the will to kill a man, in spite of his willingness to open fire on one. And sure enough...

August 13, 2009

Slow Mark down? It didn't even shut him up! It's going to take more than a little unfriendly fire to slow down this search party, especially after it gets all spicy in panel three. Hard to tell if that's an expression of enjoyment or surprise on Andy chubby mug. Either way, I'm horrified. Let's take a closer look at that grip --


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