Monday, January 19, 2009

That Guy an Accurate Reflection of How We Feel After Reading Mark Trail


Don't waste your breath, Mark. Everyone in Lost Forest knows Patty should've picked up a "pervin' all over a feral woodland creature" permit the day she ran into that fawn. Now she's in too deep, and full disclosure to the proper authorities may jeopardize the massive amount of company she's grown accustomed to over the past few months. Company as large as the children she never had. Cherry is obviously intrigued by the prospect of so much company; Mark's reaction is more curious and angular, littered with strange creases on the nose and brow.

Speaking of creased brows, holy crap that guy in the second panel is angrier than anyone I've ever seen. His forehead contains so much rage, the pressure has carved an impossible line into his temple. He frowns horizontally. That's pretty fucking irritated.

So who is this angry ambler? It could be one of those "wildlife people" Patty's worried about. It could also be her lumber-ing husband. Either way, someone's about to get punched.

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