Thursday, January 15, 2009

Patty's Robbing the Cradle! So Scandalous.


A few days ago, NLR read the fairly obvious tea leaves and concluded that Patty's issues centered around a love affair with some woodland creature. Today's installment confirms the speculation -- Patty is embroiled in a March-December inter-specie sex festival with a captivating young buck.

Elrod opened a door but closed several windows, and now we're left with more questions than ever. Why doesn't Patty talk about her husband? What manner of trouble is on her mind? And what's up with Cherry's imploding waist? Dita Von Teese got nothing on Mizz Trail. Except sex appeal. Intelligence and personality too, I imagine.

It's been a frustrating couple of weeks. The storyline is still opaque, but today's revelation is a step in the right direction. Your patience will be rewarded in due time--things are going to be okay. Just look at the relentless optimism emanating from our hero's face in panel one. Only Mark could take so much pleasure in not knowing something very well.

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