Monday, December 15, 2008

Mark's Guard Is Apparently Too Down on Himself to Prevent Mark's Escape


Andy and Mark return to the tangible world free to leave the shrimp boat at their leisure. The punching we've come to expect at this juncture in the typical Trail storyline sadly won't take place this go round. Fortuantely, Jack Elrod's inability to pin down Andy's true size and shape remains.

Judging by his facial expression and posture, Mark's guard doesn't seem to be as tired as he is profoundly depressed. Hard to say if it's sympathy or Stockholm syndrome, but Mark decides to pass on the beatdown and chalk up the stealth departure to the potential for awful madness.

Looks like there are some problems in this poorly drawn world that even timely uppercuts can't solve. Mark knows this and abides by the logic. Because there are many more problems in this world that are definitely solved by timely uppercuts. And those are the problems he chooses to remember.


  1. Dude in the chaps got K-mother-fuckin-oh'd! KABLOW!

  2. Dog, those are called waders, or "water chaps." But yes, kablowblow right in the mou mou, for sure.