Monday, November 15, 2010

Of Deers and Daughters, Part II: Extra, Extra, Bleed all about it!

Mid-October found Frank Johnson in a particularly deerstructive state of mind --

One month later --

Somewhere in the thick of all the deer-punting and those good meals for dinner tonight, Frank found room in his heart for a little change. Change best exemplified in 18 little words:

They're called "air quotes," Mark. Look'em up. The bear a striking resemblance to that bitchy little curl taped to the middle of your forehead.

After knocking Frank's lights out, Mark decides to fuck the wayward Senator's face with a little truth -- Mark Trail just so happens to write a nature column for the local newspaper. And when it comes out in the Daily Bumblefucker that a certain U.S. Senator's been training his sights on innocent little half-pets, all that Just for Gingers (R) endorsement money is going up in bright orange flames. There's only one thing to do.

Senator back-pecs knows it...

Frank knows it...

and even Mark might know it...

...but that two-handed phone action isn't very convincing. Your grandmother at age 16 called, Mark. She wants the way she talked on the phone with her main squeeze back.
More to come.

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