Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sorry Ain't Gonna Save You From tha Sass, Trick.

July 29, 2009

Bitch must be tripping if she thinks a couple of "thank yous" and "sorrys" and "the attempt on her brother's life" make for sufficient penance when animals have died in the woodsy journalist's forest. Like an elephant, Mark never forgets.

Unlike an elephant, Mark lacks the cognitive ability needed to reconcile pieces of information into a working theory. Fortunately for him, discretion isn't high on the polluting gamblers' priority list. The nefarious trucking company can be traced by information found on the discarded barrels, as Mark and Joey figured out on this contraction-starved field trip a few days back--

Time is running out on the gamblers and their dumpy ways. With any luck, Mark will find a receipt or something out in the woods. Even more likely, he'll stumble upon Joey's would-be assassin, who's carless and headed toward the freeway with an unconcealable firearm.

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