Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Breaking News: Mark Trail Still Sitting on His Khaki Ass

Proving once again that time is not always a linear construct, Jack Elrod decides to take an unmeasurable step backward (and a little to the side) in the story line.

Wildlife Service Friend No. 2, probably at the behest of his silver-maned life partner Brooding Wildlife Service Master, decides to bring out the A game in panel one and perch seductively on his solid-bronze desk, a slender hand only inches from Mark's gnarled digits. If his cocky grimmace is any indication, Mark likes where this is going.

Panel two finds Mark and WSF2 celebrating what we can only assume is an unnatural tryst with pipin' hot cups of coffee and dialogue completely unconsequential to the matter at hand. I'd like to think that with his libido sated, Mark would continue his birdstrike investigation, but his crossed legs suggest a prolonged visit. A disgustingly prolonged visit.

This is not the first time one of Mark's Wildlife Service "Friends" has courted Mark with a sexy desk perch.

Mark's listening....

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